week in review 04: let’s try this again shall we?

Whoopsie, I kinda dropped the ball on this whole blogging thing didn’t I? Here’s hoping this second attempt goes slightly better than the first! In the spirit of Haley Nahman and her incredible Maybe Baby newsletter (legitimately the best thing in my inbox every single week), here are 15 Things I’ve Consumed Recently:

  1. In a possible stroke of brilliance on my part, I had my first therapy session ever on March 13, 2020 — 5 days before San Francisco went into shelter-in-place. One of the things I’ve been regularly discussing with my therapist is just how much trauma we’ve all had to process in an incredibly short amount of time. It seems like every single day we are faced with a new horror and because the wheels of capitalism must keep on churning we are having to quickly “be okay” while never having the space to truly process everything that has happened. Our tanks are depleted but there’s never been more pressure to act as if they are full! It’s exhausting! Anyway, I’ve been having a hard time fully putting all of this into words so when Anne Helen Petersen slid into my inbox with her essay on the habituation of horror, I immediately forwarded it to my therapist. One of the best things I’ve read in weeks.
  1. Related: this tweet
  1. I tried on a pair of Good American jeans recently and ????? I’m in love.
  1. Learning that Harry Styles will be co-starring in a movie with Florence Pugh, Chris Pine and the queen herself Dakota Johnson is possibly the only good news of 2020 so far
  1. Obseeesssssssssed with this Blink-182-ified cover of Semi-Charmed Life. I love that you can tell when he is singing as Mark vs Tom. It is truly brilliant. It also made me feel nostalgic for something that never fully existed?
  1. This piece about the pandemic’s effect on the most vulnerable people living on the fringes in Orlando. This is a side of Orlando that I was completely oblivious to when I briefly lived there and it was heartbreaking to see so much human suffering in the shadows of the most magical place on earth.

  1. Like most people Online I read the Emrata essay earlier this week and felt truly indignant on her behalf. But then the more I thought about it, there was something about it that felt….very off to me. Luckily Haley Nahman was there to break it down for me in her latest newsletter (seriously the cream of the crop among newsletters).

  1. I enjoyed the Fast Times at Ridgement High table read so much more than I thought I would. Everyone was talking about the Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt of it all, but I really think we should be talking about the fact that this is Shia LaBeouf’s world and we are all just living in it.
  1. I’m Thinking of Endings Things: a book I loved and a movie I did not.

  1. This Esquire piece from 2016 on The Falling Man in one of the most iconic photos from 9/11

“Maybe he jumped to fulfill the terms of a miracle. Maybe he jumped to come home to his family. Maybe he didn’t jump at all, because no one can jump into the arms of God. Oh, no. You have to fall.”

  1. This…..song……is……..perfect?????? Still a hard pass on Euphoria tho
  1. My friends and I have become increasingly obsessed with watching/reading/listening to things that scare us and I recently learned that this is actually a common coping mechanism for people with anxiety. Validation!
  1. I’m having a hard time not listing a different YouTube video for every one of these, but I’ve honestly spent most of quarantine reading books and watching YouTube so *shrug emoji*. Anyway, I recently fell down the rabbit hole of vocal coach Natalie Weiss’ sessions with her students and she’s so good. I can’t sing at all, but even I feel like a better singer after watching these. The power of the YouTube!
  1. This podcast episode on the appropriate number of times to shuffle a deck of cards was delightful

  1. Okay, this last one is kinda cheating cause this is something I would like you to consume which is my new booktube channel! I’m having a lot of fun with this new quarantine hobby and would really love if you checked it out. Here’s my latest video:

week in review 03: because vegas

I spent this past weekend having a truly wild time in Vegas at a Bachelorette party so I think it should come as no surprise that I did not have a lot of time for reading, watching, or listening this week.


The Making of the Fox News White House, Jane Mayer for The New Yorker 

What It’s Like to Go to the Oscars With a Nominee (Who Wins!), Priyanka Mattoo for Vulture. This was delightful and made me cry by the end.


I started re-watching LOST and it’s the best decision I’ve made all year. Perfect show is still perfect .


the seventies, my magnum opus spotify playlist

The Week Ahead

I’ll be focusing on recovering from back to back weekend trips and hopefully working on a new data project to share on the blog!



week in review 02: it’s waiting there for you

I spent this weekend in Park City celebrating a dear friend’s 30th birthday. It was a weekend full of good food, good company, and good rock climbing. I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the week ahead!


The Desperado , Ciara O’Rourke for The Atavist

Parkland: A Year After the School Shooting That Was Supposed to Change Everything, Patricia Mazzei and Eve Edelheit for The New York Times

The Love Story I Never Thought to Tell, Caroline Donofrio for A Cup of Jo

The Secret History of Women in Coding, Clive Thompson for The New York Times

A Friendship Baked in the Great British Bake Off Tent , Julie Beck for The Atlantic

MIT Professor Kieran Setiya on the Living in the Present, the Paradox of Egoism, and the Hollowness of the Goal-Driven Life, Charles Chu for The Polymath Project

Recapping the 1999 Oscars Ceremony, When Shakespeare Beat Spielberg, Richard Lawson for Vanity Fair


This week I mostly watched more episodes of The Challenge and saw Free Solo for the third time and Ralph Breaks the Internet for the first time.


Shrugging Destiny (w/ Paul F. Tompkins), Off Book. This is the funniest podcast episode I’ve maybe ever listened to?

059 – Africa (w/ Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna), Punch Up the Jam. More Zach and Jessica!

The Week Ahead

This week I get to attend my monthly Data Science Study Group and I am excited to carve out time to work on new projects.

week in review 01: beginnings

I started a blog! Let’s kick things off with some of my favorite things this week:


The case for capping all prison sentences at 20 years , German Lopez for Vox

Data science is different now, Vicki Boykis

Calendar. Not to-do lists., Devi Parikh

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Will Make You Laugh So Hard It Hurts, Amanda Hess for The New York Times. PWB is someone I have loved for a very long time. If you haven’t seen Fleabag yet, please see it immediately.

Stop shaming recipe bloggers for writing a lot, Chloe Bryan for Mashable

Imposter Syndrome in Data Science, Caitlin Hudon

Naval Ravikant’s Guide to Choosing Your First Job In Tech, Caleb Kaiser for the AngelList blog


Right now the only thing I am capable of watching and talking about is MTV’s The Challenge and I will make no apologies for this. I have managed to watch three full seasons of this show in about two weeks and yet I somehow still manage to convince myself I don’t have enough time to work out. ::shrug emoji::

Anyway, The Challenge. Let’s discuss.


Over My Dead Body

The Dropout. Give me all of the Elizabeth Holmes content, please.


The Week Ahead

I’ll be attending two tech meetups and preparing for a weekend in snowy Utah.