week in review 06: a cabin in the woods

This past week my dear friend Brittany and I rented a cabin near Guerneville and it was a much needed respite from *~*waves hand vaguely in the direction of 2020*~* all of it. We spent the week rarely leaving the property and avoiding the internet while we mostly read, watched movies, and enjoyed each other’s company. Brittany is the kind of friend that I can be truly, unapologetically, weirdly myself with and I honestly don’t know that there is anyone on this earth who can make me laugh the way that she does. It was a perfect week.

Of course, it flew by incredibly fast and now it is Sunday night and the scaries are particularly heavy after 9 days away from the home office. I’m not gonna lie, it felt so good not having to worry about the crushing pressure to maintain a can-do productive attitude at work while trying to stave off the equally crushing emotional toll of a year that presents new horrors daily.

I don’t want to bum everyone out too much talking about that which we are all feeling, so here is a vlog of our week in the cabin. I am fairly proud of how it turned out:

11 Things I Consumed Recently

  1. This beautiful response to a letter asking if it is okay to have hope in 2020
  1. John Oliver’s episode on the current Supreme Court situation which counterpoints that things are slightly hopeless but not entirely
  1. A fun thing I’ve gotten into in quarantine is Cheers which I am currently watching for the first time. It’s great! Who knew?
  1. James Hamblin’s incredible book Clean: The New Science of Skin, which I haven’t been able to stop thinking about and now has me seriously considering switching to a once/week shower schedule (will keep you updated)
  1. The man who guesses paint colors on TikTok. I’m cri
  1. The Zillow listing for a house where every photo is more absurd than the last. It is worth clicking through all 73 photos. It feels like someone built a replica of the homes I built when I played The Sims Livin’ Large and I want it.
  1. All 113 blog drafts from the blog I kept in my early twenties. This blog is connected to my old blog so when I went to write this post, I noticed I had all these drafts from my old blog and oh boy was it an adventure into 2011-2013 Ameena’s brain.
  1. Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural which I had never watched prior to yesterday and have now managed to watch nearly every episode
  1. The Masked Singer Season 4 (I don’t really want to talk about it)
  1. All 9 episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor. It got real confusing in the middle and I was almost convinced I would have to hate it and then of course it all came together and I liked it a lot (but not as much as Hill House, but then again I don’t like many things as much as I like Hill House)
  1. The first 7 episodes of The Vow on HBO. We were very distraught to learn it is still airing and now we have to wait for the last 3 episodes like everyone else.

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