week in review 03: because vegas

This week I had a couple of great meetups with fellow data nerds. I am endlessly grateful to the Los Angeles data community. Everyone has been beyond welcoming and willing to help me in every way imaginable.

I also spent this past weekend in Vegas at a Bachelorette party so I think it should come as no surprise that I did not have a lot of time for reading, watching, or listening this week.


The Making of the Fox News White House, Jane Mayer for The New Yorker 

What It’s Like to Go to the Oscars With a Nominee (Who Wins!), Priyanka Mattoo for Vulture. This was delightful and made me cry by the end.


I started re-watching LOST and it’s the best decision I’ve made all year. Perfect show is still perfect .


the seventies, my magnum opus spotify playlist

The Week Ahead

I’ll be focusing on recovering from back to back weekend trips and hopefully working on a new data project to share on the blog!



week in review 02: it’s waiting there for you

I spent this weekend in Park City celebrating a dear friend’s 30th birthday. It was a weekend full of good food, good company, and good rock climbing. I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the week ahead!


The Desperado , Ciara O’Rourke for The Atavist

Parkland: A Year After the School Shooting That Was Supposed to Change Everything, Patricia Mazzei and Eve Edelheit for The New York Times

The Love Story I Never Thought to Tell, Caroline Donofrio for A Cup of Jo

The Secret History of Women in Coding, Clive Thompson for The New York Times

A Friendship Baked in the Great British Bake Off Tent , Julie Beck for The Atlantic

MIT Professor Kieran Setiya on the Living in the Present, the Paradox of Egoism, and the Hollowness of the Goal-Driven Life, Charles Chu for The Polymath Project

Recapping the 1999 Oscars Ceremony, When Shakespeare Beat Spielberg, Richard Lawson for Vanity Fair


This week I mostly watched more episodes of The Challenge and saw Free Solo for the third time and Ralph Breaks the Internet for the first time.


Shrugging Destiny (w/ Paul F. Tompkins), Off Book. This is the funniest podcast episode I’ve maybe ever listened to?

059 – Africa (w/ Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna), Punch Up the Jam. More Zach and Jessica!

The Week Ahead

This week I get to attend my monthly Data Science Study Group and I am excited to carve out time to work on new projects.

week in review 01: beginnings

I started a blog! Let’s kick things off with some of my favorite things this week:


The case for capping all prison sentences at 20 years , German Lopez for Vox

Data science is different now, Vicki Boykis

Calendar. Not to-do lists., Devi Parikh

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Will Make You Laugh So Hard It Hurts, Amanda Hess for The New York Times. PWB is someone I have loved for a very long time. If you haven’t seen Fleabag yet, please see it immediately.

Stop shaming recipe bloggers for writing a lot, Chloe Bryan for Mashable

Imposter Syndrome in Data Science, Caitlin Hudon

Naval Ravikant’s Guide to Choosing Your First Job In Tech, Caleb Kaiser for the AngelList blog


Right now the only thing I am capable of watching and talking about is MTV’s The Challenge and I will make no apologies for this. I have managed to watch three full seasons of this show in about two weeks and yet I somehow still manage to convince myself I don’t have enough time to work out. ::shrug emoji::

Anyway, The Challenge. Let’s discuss.


Over My Dead Body

The Dropout. Give me all of the Elizabeth Holmes content, please.


The Week Ahead

I’ll be attending two tech meetups and preparing for a weekend in snowy Utah.